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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Concept icons for "Project LaserTag" revealed!

 Read on to see what these icons might look like for the final game, as well as some information on their creation!

“Project LaserTag” (WIP title) is a casual/competitive shooter, embracing the thrill and experience from real laser tag.

With lasers and laser tagging at the core of the game, we want the icon to symbolize exactly that. LASER is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation, and have a lot of scientific applications and complexities involved with how they're produced.

If you own a consumer laser pointer, seen the inside of an old CD reader, or maybe worked with some scientific equipment, you might have seen warning labels about lasers and how they can be dangerous. This is certainly true, but don't worry as the lasers in "Project LaserTag" would only tag you, not actually hurt your eyes!

Regardless, if there's one thing that can symbolize lasers, it's that sort of warning label, or the bright not representing the impact point of a laser (a single line representing a laser wouldn't make a good icon). Without further ado, below are the "warning laser" icon concepts for "Project LaserTag"! Note that these WIP icons have been scaled up on the website from their intended sizes.

The initial concept follows closely with Europe laser warning symbols, but with the laser rotated and a blue circle added to symbolize a Q for Quantonium

An altercation of the initial concept replaces the black and yellow colors so that the black better visualizes an outline

The third concept increases the thickness of the lines, for better readability and being able to be distinguished when displayed small.

In addition to the shape of the icon being important, the colors also symbolize a lot for the game. The initial colors of yellow and black were chosen to mimic laser warning labels, with the laser being set to green to visually stand out compared to 2 color warning labels, and green is a common color for lasers. A blue circle was added as mentioned to mimic a Q, and also add more distinction compared to any ordinary warning label. The color was set to blue as a nice complement between yellow and green.

Of course, these aren't the only colors possible for this icon- "Project LaserTag" is going to be about customization, after all! Any of the colors could be swapped out and changed as long as they still stand out, so perhaps for each update the color schemes would change.

What are your thoughts on these concepts? Leave a comment below, or come chat about it over on the official Quantonium discord server: And subscribe to stay updated on the latest developments with Quantonium and "Project LaserTag"!

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